Fresh Medicinal Herbs for Sale

Fresh Medicinal Herbs for Sale

We sell fresh medicinal herbs directly from our farm.  Grown using wild-simulated and ecologically-sensitive practices, we let the herbs reach their prime maturation point before hand harvesting and distribution.


We supply fresh herbs to herbalists and herbal tea/body care product makers, as well as home-scale herbal remedy makers.  We welcome pre-season order estimates from our BULK buyers, so that our farm volumns can match our communities needs.


Crop   Price per Pound Over 10 Pounds Over 20 Pounds
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera       $33       $31       $28
Calendula Calendula officinalis       $20       $18       $15
California Poppy Eschscholzia californica       $25       $23       $20
Chamomile Matricaria chamomilla       $32       $30       $27
Marshmallow Root Althaea officinalis       $26       $24       $21
Marshmallow Leaf, Flower, Stalk Althaea officinalis       $20       $18       $15
Milky Oats Avena sativa       $36       $34       $31
Skullcap Scutellaria lateriflora       $34       $32       $29
Tulsi Ocimum sp.       $34       $32       $29
Valerian Valerian officinalis       $20       $18       $15

Contact to purchase.


Also, ask to be added to our Fresh Herb Mailing List.  We will notify you throughout the season as the herbs are ready for harvest and sale!


SHIPPING: We deliver to the Slocan Valley, Nelson, and the north end of Kootenay Lake, and will also mail bulk orders for quantities over 20lbs total.  



    Shared by backyard gardeners

    Thank you so much for our video chat last Wed. I really enjoyed talking with you. You put me at ease with what I have already set up in the garden and gave me some great ideas for what I will be doing next.

    Thank you Nikola for your gardening consult session. I appreciated your clarifying questions and your challenge to make a doable plan in my shady yard. 

    Nikola expertly answered all my questions and gave me specific tasks for the next month. I am looking forward to planting with my 2 daughters soon!! Thank you for your encouraging ideas.

     Tara - West Kootenay BC

    Emily - Southern Ontario

    Thanks so much for taking time to discuss our vegetable garden.  We love the idea of a 'hot house' for tomatoes and peppers.  Jocelyn has taken some photos of the sun and how it hits the garden so and she is in charge of planning where to plant items based on her sun analysis! It is strange that we never thought to do that on our own so thanks for bringing that to our attention for sure! Already Jocelyn has said some things were planted in the wrong spot depending on the amount of sun required! Such a simple yet brilliant fact!  I love the idea of permanent pathways in the garden by digging out rows and putting down wood chips. I have always wondered if we trample stuff down too much as the season wears on.  Thanks again for your help.

    Wendy - Southern Ontario

    Nikola gave me great advice! We walked around my property and and she explained all the potential she saw. She identified things already growing that I could work with, paths I could change to make the garden more inviting, and things I could add. She gave many ideas that I hadn’t thought of and they will shape my garden for years. I thank her for listening to me and for generously offering her expertise.

    Andy - Southern Ontario

    Nikola has been an incredible support to me as I continue to try to learn all about veggie gardening.  I have always had a bit of a "black thumb" (opposite of green thumb), but she provided advice, articles, links to videos and her input on how I can be more successful in my gardening ventures. She has opened my eyes to some new strategies, and encouraged the use of permaculture concepts. We have since started our own vermicomposting bin and are taking a look at our processes to help ensure we are working with our natural environment. Nikola not only provided me with lots of information, but she did so with generosity, kindness and a continued willingness to answer my questions! I highly recommend working with her.

    What an amazing consultation on seed saving. I feel your advice has pointed me in the right direction around what to read and who to speak with. Good teachers can save students hours, days or even years of stumbling through the dark, so thank you for sharing your wisdom so freely. Good advice is invaluable.

    Jill - Southern Ontario

    Louis - West Kootenay BC

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