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In light of COVID-19, Half Moon Herbals is offering free gardening support for those in need.  Feel free to share this offer with anyone who might need extra support.  It's important that we all feel more secure and able to control the things around us that we can - like own food production.

If you're just starting out, or want to find ways to improve your gardens, feel free to get in touch for consultation services!   


Let's find out what space you're working with, what you're gardening goals are, and from there we can start digging in!    I'm happy to offer help finding ways to get the most out of your space, using organic, regenerative and permaculture practices.   

Veggie production can happen on various scales and you can grow food on a large plot, small plots, on your front door steps or even beside a sunny window.  


Additionally, I'm excited to connect with anyone working through a more comprehensive permaculture plan!  I'm happy to offer feedback for perennial/wild food crop ideas, or for those wanting support establishing herbal medicine gardens (see other offerings!).

There's never been a better time to get these conversations flowing! 

E-mail to begin.   



Veggie Garden Consultations

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