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Are you an aspiring modern herbalist?  Have you been studying herbal medicine and would like more hands-on learning experiences to enhance your passion?  Would you like to connect with others who are learning to use herbs to improve and maintain good health?


As a Member of the Herb CSA with Half Moon Herbals you will be joining a growing community of local herbalists within Waterloo Region.  Members will be directly connected to the process of growing a local medicinal herb garden and will have access to harvesting and connecting with the medicinals there.  Join us to learn and connect with the plants, the land and each other!


Dates and Details:

  • The Herb CSA runs from June-October, 2022.
  • Members are invited to join two instructional workshops each month on the farm. 
  • Workshops will provide the aspiring modern herbalist with hands-on outdoor learning opportunities. 
  • Workshops will be held Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm, with opportunities to stay longer if desired. 


 Membership Benefits:

  • Two instructional workshops a month at the farm.
  • Opportunities to grow practical skills in tending and harvesting medicinal herbs in the garden.
  • Group processing of a variety of fresh herbs, making salves, tinctures, syrups (and more) to take home. 
  • Learning and sharing about effective applications with the remedies created.
  • Opportunities to deepen connection to the land, practice gratitude and learn land-care practices that give back.  
  • A space of belonging with the plants.
  • Time to connect with like-minded people and build supportive community.


Herb CSA Overview:

This Farm Herb CSA program is focused on creating a safe space for learning and connecting.  As a member, you are part of the process of nurturing the growth of community-based herbalism within the Waterloo Region.  Membership helps to ensure the garden will grow, providing a local supply of fresh medicinal herbs to those ready and able to use them.  On-farm learning opportunities offer the ability to connect in person, building skills and enhancing the types of practical knowledge that can not be found in books. 


Certificate of Completion & Recognition:

Members will receive a certificate of completion for their portfolio of herbal education at the end of this program.



Cost: $450.00 total

Full payment is welcome with registration.

(payment plans are available)



For the 2022 season:

Ask about our "Community Shares" if finances are a barrier.  We want to ensure everyone who wants to participate is able.  This fund is hosted by Angie at Fertile Ground and contributed to by CSA members.   If you would like to donate to this fund, please contact me for details. 




Nikola Barsoum is certified Community Herbalist, certified Permaculture Designer and an ecological farmer with over 10 years experience working in small-scale organic, regenerative and permaculture systems.  She started Half Moon Herbals in 2017 in order to explore the ways in which 'whole-systems healing' can be activated at a community level.  Nikola loves growing and teaching, and works in the tradition of Western Herbal Medicine.



More questions? E-mail them to


Herb CSA 2022

  • To register for the 2022 Herb CSA

    Submit to

    1. Payment via etransfer.
    2. The completed Registration Form.


    We look forward to having you with us this season!


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