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Welcome to Half Moon Herbals, a medicinal herb farm established in 2017, rooted in permaculture and regenerative farming practices. We strive to offer local supplies of vibrant botanicals, seeds and fresh-plant tinctures, acknowledging how our care for the land cycles back to how the land cares for us.  We extend our knowledge through consulting and mentorship programs, empowering growers to embrace regenerative practices specific to their site's needs.


Come out to the teaching garden to enhance your relationship with the plants through direct hands-on interactions.  This garden is a space for community with diverse lineages of herbal medicine, to learn and support one another.  


Join us in the journey of herbal wisdom, where the heart of nature and humanity unite.



Certified Community Herbalist, Pacific Rim College 

Clinical Herbalist Student, registered with the BCHA

Certified Permaculture Designer

Ecological Farmer

Founder of Half Moon Herbals in 2017.

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Herbal medicine is the peoples medicine.

"A medicine of the people will, first and foremost, take place nearby. Caring begins with the people who know us. A cellular harmony exists between plant and animal species sharing the same environment. Certainly, conventional medical care serves a good purpose. Yet somewhere between our body's innate ability to heal itself and conventional medicine lie situations that can be bridged by common sense and a compassionate connection to the world into which we are born. A bridge that knowledgeable herbalists can provide. A world that the plants are ready and willing to share."

- Nancy and Michael Phillips

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