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Supporting Community-based Herbalism

Fresh plants tinctures, hands-on workshops and online education.

White Grass


 Half Moon Herbals is a small artisan herb business located in Waterloo Region, Southern Ontario, Canada.  Our mission is to supply you with fresh-plant tinctures; each one made from herbs we grow and hand-harvest using regenerative farming practices and

GACP certified collection methods. 

We are also dedicated to supporting herbal medicine education!  Our education programs focus on establishing relationships to the plants and the land.  We love sharing ways to grow, gather, process and use medicinal herbs, and we believe that wholistic human health care includes supporting the health of the land as well. 

Bottles of Essential Oil

Fresh Plant Tinctures

Specific medicinal herbs are far superior when tinctured fresh! We are pleased to offer herbalists this option. Regeneratively grown, hand harvested, GACP certified -  from our farm to you!


Learning Circles

Adult learning circles offer opportunities to connect with the medicinal qualities of the herbs and teach practical skills such as harvesting, processing and remedy-making.  Come meet in-person in the garden and learn directly from our greatest teachers - the plants.   

Kids in Vegetable Farm

Kids Herb Camp!

The Kids Herb Camp is a weekly camp offered during the Friday CSA pick-up at Fertile Ground Farm.  Running Aug & Sept,  kids are welcomed into the garden to learn with a sense of wonder!  Games and activities help them develop their herbal know-how by connection to kid-friendly herbs through fun sensory experiences. 

Kids in the Garden

Medicine Garden Mentorships

Are you interested in incorporating medicinal herbs into your garden?  Mentorships offer an opportunity to design your project (no matter what scale) with a permaculture perspective and provide you with guidance on selecting herbs that are specific to your health needs and the needs/opportunities of the landscape you are working with. 


Community-based herbalism is about embracing the use of herbs in daily life to stay well!  It is about growing community connections of support to exchange knowledge and/or supplies, knowing who to call on as needs arise.  This simple yet powerful work is akin to cooking a healthy meal, and sharing with your neighbour. 



Certified Community Herbalist 

Certified Permaculture Designer

Ecological Farmer

Founder of Half Moon Herbals in 2017.

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