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Community Drop-in 
Learning Circles

with Nikola from
Half Moon Herbals

Join us for bi-weekly gatherings in the garden! These Community Drop-in Learning Circles are for all skill levels and provide an opportunity to learn through a variety of sensory experiences, directly with the herbs themselves.  


These circles are offered as a gift (donations are welcome) and are held as safe and inclusive community space to celebrate our culturally-diverse ancestral relationships with healing plants.   


Each circle is focused on a specific skill or topic, to help us enhance our abilities to practice home-based herbalism in ways that grow our relationships to the plants, the land and each other. 

We value the knowledge and experience of everyone joining us and focus on experiential learning strategies and group sharing opportunities. 


All are welcome!!  Reach out to get on the mailing list for reminders and updates: E-mail



Fertile Ground Farm
1560 Carmel-Koch Rd, St. Agatha, ON N0B 2L0

When: Every other Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm

Mark your calendars with the dates below:

June 15th

June 29th

July 12th (WEDNESDAY)

July 27th

Aug 10th

Aug 25th (FRIDAY)

Sept 14th

Sept 28th

Price:  These circles are offered as a gift, and there is no expectation for payment.  That said, reciprocity is welcome. Suggested donation to help keep these circles alive is $30 per person.

What to bring:

- Water bottle

- Weather appropriate clothing

- Notebook + pen/pencil

- Basket or cloth bag for harvesting

- Chair or cushion for added comfort on logs rounds

- Garden gloves (optional)

Instructions for arriving: Drive or bike past the house and loop right, following the driveway around and into the field. Park with the other cars and walk towards the greenhouses to find  the medicinal herb garden!

To note: This is a working farm, so be mindful of the garden beds (stay on the grass unless you're in the herb garden) and be aware of the occasional tractor moving about. 

We hope you will join us!

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