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There are many medicinal herbs already growing right outside your door! This program is about helping you learn how to tend, garden and grow medicinal herbs effecively so you can support yourself, your family and community. 


This one-on-one mentorship program involves:

  • 8 weekly classes
  • Peronsal and land-assessment exercises, meditations, lectures and discussions with a permaculture (permanant-culture) focus.
  • A collaborative design and plan for garden and project going forward.
  • Continued support through  e-mail and follow-up calls throughout the following growing season. 


Sessions start on an on-going basis.  Reach out to book a call with Nikola to see if this is the right fit for you!



Nikola is certified Community Herbalist, certified Permaculture Designer and an ecological farmer with over 10 years experience in small-scale organic farming and 6 years growing medicinal herbs. 



More questions? E-mail

Medicinal Herb Gardening Mentorship

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