Online Medicine Gardening Mentorship
  • Online Medicine Gardening Mentorship

    Are you interested in starting your own medicine garden? Would you like to grow an abundant 'Tea Garden' or learn about growing medicinal herbs that are specific to your health needs? Would you like some coaching and instruction on how to make your own safe and effective home-remedies from the herbs you grow? If so, you are in the right place.

    The online Medicine Garden Mentorships are for those interested in deepening their connection to the land and their relationship with herbal medicine gardening and remedy-making.

    Nikola Barsoum (medicinal herb farmer, permaculture designer & certified Community Herbalist) will meet with you for eight (8) 1hr one-on-one sessions set up to guide you through the process of estbalishing a medicine garden with intention, teaching you strategies of observation and design that you will be able to use into the future. 

    The mentorship begins by assessing your personal health (for you, your family, and close community) and assessing the land you are working with.  From these assessment we begin to determine which herbs will best suit your needs and serve the needs of the surrounding ecosystem.

    Working on an online platform, this mentorship is intended to intersperse our focused learning sessions together with a more inquisitive process of discover, sensory perception and learning from direct experience with the plants themselves. Exercises and practices between sessions will encourage you to develop skills in direct-observation and deep listening, while the mentorship calls create space to share, reflect, and ground into the next step of tending to these plants and the reciprocal relationships you are building.

    Mentorship Calls will Focus on:

    • Exploring preventative and integrative health strategies. 
    • Garden planning, mapping and permaculture-based design
    • Land prep, planting and 'wild simulated' tending strategies
    • Learning about the properties and medicinal qualities of the herbs 
    • Exploring plant personalities, appearances, growing habits, and most potent parts used for remedy-making
    • Respectful harvesting
    • Instructions on how to best utilize each herb
    • Drying, labelling and storage
    • Herbal home-scale remedy making: tea blends, tinctures, oxymels, syrups, lotions, creams and salves.
    • Herbal seed saving (if there's interest)

    These mentorships are designed to help facilitate the building of trusting and respectful relationships between each indiviudal and the herbs brought into their gardens. As everyone has unique health, garden and herbal backgrounds, the timing and structure of this mentorship will move and flow accordingly.


    All sessions are completed online!   


    If you would like to explore this further, feel free to book a free introductory call to meet Nikola, ask questions and see if this is a good fit for you.

    This Mentorship is focused on plants from the Western Herbalism tradition.


    Nikola is a certified Community Herbalist, Ecological Farmer and certifid Permaculture Designer.  She has been growing medicinal herbs commercially for the past 3 years, while running a community apothecary out of her home. She is willing to share from her education and experience so that she can help others grow, tend and make remedies from their own backyards. She sees local medicine gardens to be as important as local food production, and enjoys teaching and sharing in her role as a community herbalist. 


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