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Words from past Herb CSA Members:

I have been using plant medicine for years, but mainly wild foraging for food, tea and salves. Ever since I tried Nikola’s products, I realized they are such amazing additions to my basic plant medicines. Her products are not only professionally made, but also very high quality and you can feel her love and passion.  I am very excited to see the seasonal combinations she puts out, like a kid in a candy shop! Overall, I am very happy to be part of her CSA and highly recommend it.

Jane Gao, 2019

I chose to sign-up for Nikola's remedy boxes because I loved the idea of a Herbal CSA - in part because I already support CSA's for produce and other food items, and understand their worth to the farmer and to

the community overall.  But also because I know even more so the delicate work of growing medicinal herbs, and all the labour involved in preparing tinctures, salves and other items.  It's something I don't have

a lot of time for these days, and so was really happy to be able to support Nikola in her important work (and enjoy the benefits :)

Nikola's connection to the land and to her work, as well as her love of people and her own inherent vibrancy are all so tangible in the products she creates and the care she puts into tending each plant she works with.


I have been inspired by the many creations that have come my way in the remedy boxes, and am now preparing to put in my own (small) medicinal herb garden in my new backyard. So many thanks to you, Nikola, for your warmth and heart and the powerful medicine in all that you do.

Christine Laura, 2020

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